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Certificate of Honesty

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    printable "Certificate of Honesty"

    "Certificate of Honesty" that is available exclusively only at Confectix.

    This certificate can protect you against any feelings of guilt, against blackmailer/s, fraudsters, presumption of guilt, criminals who want to get in emotional contact and manipulate through triggering the feeling of guilt in you. 

    Be sure that with this certificate you feel your honesty and nobody can trigger the feeling of guilt in you easily anymore. Your energy levels rise, your feeling of happiness rises even more. 

    As long there is no legal basis for blaming a person, it is illegal to blame the person to have done anything and ask questions and trigger the feeling of guilt and manipulate with it. 

    Still many people use this tactics to steal personal data, get advantages on your cost, steal useful information, illegally get desired results (often to the disadvantage of targeted person).

    It is our choice what we choose in life and this certificate will give you the possibility to dismiss undesirable choices that are built on unreasonable, most powerless feeling in the world, the feeling of guilt.

    Here is a short article why honesty is crucial to a lifelong happiness.


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