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    2 stickers help you to save a lot of money and time and to live a healthier life. Attach 1 sticker to your workplace and 1 in 
    your kitchen. Live consciously. WYD stickers work directly and immediately and have no side effects. Confectix guarantees you
    more control over your own daily eating habits and that you will easier and faster achieve all the resulting successes. If such a kind of self-control has seemed unbelievable to you, it's a reality today!

    Diet is the driver of brain size evolution!

    That is what the newest scientifical studies of famous University of New York suggest!

    The well-known "World Economic Forum" writes in one of its current articles that the research shows that brain size is predicted by diet.

    The Innovative unique WYD stickers from Confectix help to correct any unwanted eating behaviour & eating habits and get immediate successfull results.

    WYD sticker help efficiently and effective to gain a full control over such an important evolutionary factor as ones eating behaviour on the short & long-term.

    Using WYD Stickers from Confectix you will become healthier and gain full control over your diet.

    With our sign you will be able to eat only the foods you want to eat. WYD Stickers are a useful kitchen utensils.

    You will be able to prevent any disease that is associated with unhealthy, uncontrolled diet. This way you might be able to save yourself from any diseases that are connected to unhealthy diet.

    You will gain new cognitive abilities, prolong your lifespan and live more happily.

    Using our Watch Your Diet sign gives you control over your brain size evolution and over your life.

    Please order your WYD Stickers now!

    Links to the scientifical studies and articles by world famous universities, organisations and people:


    Barack Obama at International Summit of Food Innovation says: "You should change your eating habits to save the planet."



    Since 2016 we have a global hunger crisis, a crisis that has destroyed millions of human lives.

    This food crisis is not easy to deal with and has complex roots.

    It is Confectix obligation to help hungry people world-wide.

    Our innovative WYD Sticker help to defeat the global food crisis. WYD stickers make it possible for everyone to eat or create new diets and reduce the food waste.

    We all live in the same world, please buy our WYD stickers and help this way to fight global food crisis in Africa or Ukraine.

    With a purchase of a WYD sticker you make a personal successfull contribution to fight the global food crisis.

    50% of the revenue flows directly to the certified World Food Programs to feed the hungry of the world.

    Purchase this product and get following files:
    WYD e-book english 2018
    WYD e-book german 2018
    w.y.d. review
    I first had to laugh, because of the name: W.Y.D. But is product is not harming at all & is legal. I invested in w.y.d. & from that point on I only eat what I like & what I decided to eat. Very helpfull and powerfull tool.
    Nice e-book either and I was answered all my questions fast & professionally: this is what I call excellent customer service.
    von Stanislav am 2017-01-17
    changed my life :)
    Many thanks for this innovative product that literally saved my life.
    I am now fully in control of the food I am eating totally free from behavioural setbacks. Steady wonderfull change.
    von Gourmet am 2017-01-14
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