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    A high protein content, good taste, good mouthfeel and high digestibility were important in the development of BAOWOW Vegan Protein Schoko.
    Therefore, a four-component protein with a natural chocolate taste has been developed. From pea protein, rice protein, hemp protein and sunflower protein.

    Complemented with psyllium husks and baobab fruit powder for extra fiber and maca powder!

    No soy, no whey, no sweeteners °, no flavorings. Ideal for mixing with vegetable drinks such as rice milk, etc. (according to the law)
    Unlike most organic proteins, BAOWOW Vegan Protein Chocolate contains no whey protein, but is a pure vegan protein powder made from four different sources of vegetable protein. The four protein sources complement each other optimally, creating a very high-quality protein with many important amino acids.

    BAOWOW Vegan Protein Chocolate is suitable for protein shakes, but also as an addition to smoothies, as an ingredient in protein bowls or for cooking and baking. You can find recipes on our blog. Vegan protein for those who want more than Whey Your body is your home. You take care of him, train, eat healthy? Are you athletic, active or just health-conscious? Then this vegan protein blend is just right for you! This vegan multi-component protein blend with a deliciously natural chocolate flavor contains everything you need for a healthy protein intake. BAOWOW Vegan Protein Chocolate is a rounded and balanced protein blend with a high biological value and delicious cocoa flavor of fine organic cocoa. Amino acids - the source of your fitness No matter if you are a strength athlete, or just want to be fit and healthy. Branched-chain amino acids, known as branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) lysine, Leuin, isoleucine and valine are important for muscle growth. Of these, BAOWOW Vegan Protein Chocolate contains about 7 g per 100 g. And if you want to know it very well, under "Amino acid profile" you will find all the details.

    Why is BAOWOW Chocolate Protein so good?
    Quality: we use only selected raw materials from certified organic cultivation and produce in Germany.
    Taste: A natural cocoa taste without additives and aromas, without stevia.
    Recipe: Unique balanced 4-component blend of four different protein sources for high biological value.
    Vegetable Protein - Inspired by athletes and vegan athletes
    The vegan vegetable protein powder blend in organic quality is perfect for active people, athletes, strength athletes and all people with an increased need for protein. For the vegan protein powder blend BAOWOWProtein Schoko put us together with athletes and thought about what makes the perfect protein shake.

    In addition to a high protein content from vegetable protein sources, especially the taste should be good. In addition, the mouthfeel should be pleasant to drink. But also the digestibility and digestibility should play a role.

    For this reason, we have also enriched our vegan protein powder mixture in organic quality with psyllium husks. BAOWOWProtein chocolate consists of four protein components and a pinch of baobab fruit powder. Pea protein, sunflower protein, hemp protein and rice protein together form a balanced and biologically high-quality blend. We also added a pinch of maca powder to the vegan protein powder blend. Maca is very popular with strength athletes and endurance athletes.

    These vegetable proteins are in BAOWOW protein chocolate

    pea protein
    Pea protein consists of both essential and nonessential amino acids and forms the basis for a balanced vegan protein powder blend in organic quality. In particular, the proportion of the amino acid arginine in pea protein is comparatively high at around 7 g per 100 g. (For comparison, in whey protein gerdae is once a quarter as much arginine contained.) Arginine plays not only in muscle building a crucial role. It also contributes to the increase in performance, not only in the gym. ;-) Pea protein is also known for the amino acid lysine. Lysine is important in the context of calcium resorption in the body and is involved in the formation of collagen. In addition, lysine is a precursor of carnitine, which is synthesized from methionine and lysine in the body. Carnitine plays a key role in burning fat and transports fatty acids directly into the cell's power plants - the mitochondria. There, the fatty acids are burned and converted into energy.

    rice protein
    Rice protein shows a nearly perfect amino acid profile and therefore belongs in each of the vegan protein powder blend in organic quality. It contains particularly high levels of the three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are important for muscle growth. Of isoleucine and valine, rice protein contains even more than the pure whey or whey protein. In addition, it is low-allergen, well-tolerated, gluten-free and easily digestable.

    Sunflower protein
    Sunflower protein is considered an all-rounder among the vegetable protein sources, as it has a balanced amino acid spectrum and is therefore perfect for the vegan protein powder mixture in organic quality. In addition, it is allergen-free, easy digestible and usable. Furthermore, sunflower protein is a good source of glutamic acid. Glutamic acid can bind the toxic degradation product ammonia, forming the very similar amino acid glutamine. Glutamic acid is also involved in the synthesis of the two amino acids arginine and proline. Glutamate can also be converted into high-energy compounds in the citrate cycle, which in turn play a crucial role in the entire human metabolism. At the same time, glutamate is used in the citrate cycle as well as detoxification. It should also strengthen the immune system and promote muscle growth.

    hemp protein
    Hemp protein is a relatively new vegetable protein source, but it has it all. Hemp protein is extracted from the seeds of the hemp. So it does not contain any psychoactive substances like THC. Although the proportion of protein in pure hemp protein is not quite as high as that of other vegetable protein sources, it is perfectly suitable as a supplement in vegan protein powder mixtures. It provides all the essential amino acids and is rich in branched-chain amino acids called branched chain amino acids. It consists of two types of proteins: globulin edestin and albumin. Globulin Edestin occurs only in hemp protein. Edestin is described as the backbone of cell DNA. Albumin is one of the most important proteins found in the blood and fulfills two important tasks: Albumin is important for the distribution of fluids in the body. It can bind water, so it keeps the proportion of fluid inside and outside the blood vessels constant. In addition, albumin is an important transport protein, for example, hormones, vitamins and fatty acids.

    Baobab fruit powder
    We supplement the vegan protein powder blend in organic quality with baobab fruit powder from Africa. Baobab has long been considered a nutrient-rich food in Africa. Known as a tree-of-life or village pharmacy, the baobab tree (baobab tree) plays an important role in nutrition in rural Africa. Its dry pulp is ground and can be used as an addition to allerei food and drinks. It contains minerals like potassium and calcium, is rich in vitamin C and contains soluble and insoluble fiber. Baobab is currently being examined more closely in research. So it is supposed to have a positive influence on the rise in blood sugar levels after carbohydrate intake (see also: The polyphenol-rich baobab fruit (Adansonia digitata L.) has reduced starch digestion and glycemic response in humans, and due to the fiber content prebiotic properties (s Also: A review of baobab (Adansonia digitata) products: Effect of processing techniques, medicinal properties and uses).

    Further ingredients
    Psyllium husks provide valuable fiber for good digestion. In addition, they swell on contact with liquid and thereby give the protein shake a pleasant creaminess and mouthfeel. Maca powder from South American Maca provides valuable phytonutrients, including the so-called Macamides. Macamides are currently in the interest of international research. For example, a study of testosterone enhancement by maca was conducted in rats (1). With the result that Maca can increase the capacity of Leydig cells, as well as raise the level of serum testosterone. Also, the endurance performance should Maca, at least in mice, positively affect (2). However, an increase in endurance performance (cycling) and sexual energy in male subjects has also been found in humans (3).

    In our vegan protein powder blend in organic quality, we use only selected organic raw materials. The bottling takes place in an IFS-certified company in Germany.

    (1): Ohta et al .: Feeding hydroalcoholic extract powder of Lepidium meyenii (maca) raises serum testosterone concentration and enhances Leydig cells in male rats. 07.14.15.

    (2): Yang et al .: Effects of macaques on endurance capacity and anti-fatigue property in prolonged swimming mice. 09.10.15.

    (3): Stone et al .: A pilot investigation into the effect of maca supplementation on physical activity and secondary desire in sportsman. 09.23.09.



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