Toffifee 15 pieces

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    Storck Toffifee, Chocolates, Chocolate

    a crunchy hazelnut with nougat cream and a blob of strong chocolate.


    Content: 15 chocolates in a 125 g package


    Ingredients: sugar, vegetable fat, hazelnuts, glucose syrup, sorbite syrup, whey solids, sugared condensed skim milk, cacao mass, condensed sweet whey, sucrose syrup, emulgator soja lecithine, salt, aroma.

    Might include some parts of almonds, peanuts and other nuts.


    Nutritional Information per 100 g:
    caloric value 2153 kJ/ 516 kcal
    fat: 28,1 g
    of this saturated fat acids: 12,6 g
    carbohydrates: 58,5 g
    of this sugar: 48,5 g
    egg white: 5,9 g
    salt: 0,22 g

    Storage note: protect from heat

    This stuff is awesome. My friends always talk about having these sweets and i just had to ask couple days ago, "where is this stuff? I have to try it.". Now this became my favourite candy just had my first 4 pieces. Out of this world good. I'll be stocking up with my next order because i love this candies so much.
    von H. Salto am 2017-03-08
    The orginal Toffifees, delicious.
    "No matter if it is summer or winter, I love my Toffifees."
    Best greetings,

    von luckyboost am 2017-01-07
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