Schogetten Alpine Wholemilk Hazelnut 100 g pack

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    Schogetten Alpinewholemilk - Hazelnut chocolates (at least 30% cacao)

    -unique in the receipe, irresistable in the taste

    -chosen ingredients and ststrictest quality controls for the unique chocolate enjoyment

    -practically portioned, simple to enjoy


    Content:  18 chocolates, piece for piece a tasty chocolate enjoyment in a 100 g package


    Ingredients: sugar, cacao mass, cacao butter, cream powder, hazelnuts (10%), wholemilk powder, clarified butter (milk), emulgator  (soja lecithine), natural vanilla aroma.

    Might include some parts of almonds, peanuts, other nuts and egg.

    Nutritional Information per 100 g:
    caloric value 2392 kJ/ 574 kcal
    fat: 38 g
    of this saturated fat acids: 20 g
    carbohydrates: 51 g
    of this sugar: 50 g
    egg white: 5,9 g
    salt: 0,13 g

    Storage note: protect from heat and moisture