Riesen Chocolate 24 Candies in a 217 g package

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    Riesen Dark Chocolate Candies

    Dark Chocolate Strong Caramel with original Gavoa Cacao Mixture

    Candies with chocolate caramel filling surrounded by a dark chocolate (30%)


    Content: 24 candy in a 217 g bag


    Ingredients: glucose sirup, condensed sweet whey, cacao mass (19%), (produced out of Gavoa Cacao Mixture), sugared condensed skim milk, vegetable fat, cacao, cacao butter, sorbitol syrup, modified corn starch, clarified butter, soja lecithine, aroma vanillin.


    Might include some parts of almonds, peanuts and other nuts.


    Nutritional Information per 100 g:
    caloric value 1877 kJ/ 448 kcal
    fat: 18,1 g
    of this saturated fat acids: 10,7 g
    carbohydrates: 66,6 g
    of this sugar: 44,7 g
    egg white: 3,8 g
    salt: 0,14 g

    Storage note: protect from heat and moisture


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