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Organic Human Shot 100ml - Turmeric

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    "Organic Human Shot 100ml - Turmeric"
    Orange, spicy, good
    Turmeric has long since made its way from Southeast Asia to us. The yellow tuber has an anti-inflammatory effect due to its contained curcumin. In this shot, a second power tuber was mixed with ginger. True to the sunny color scale, sea buckthorn, orange and apple are added. A pinch of black pepper completes this spicy shot.

    made in Denmark
    Ingredients: Orange juice 48%, water, apple juice 18%, sea buckthorn 7%, ginger juice 7%, turmeric (5g / l), passion fruit juice 2%, chili extract 0,3%, natural aromas

    Nutrition facts per 100 ml:
    Calorific value 139kJ / 33kcal
    Fat 0,5g
    of which saturated fatty acids 0g
    Carbohydrates 7,4g
    of which sugar is 6.4g
    Protein 0,5g
    Salt 0g
    Vitamin C 84mg (105% **)
    Vitamin E 10mg (83.3% **)

    ** DE / A:% of nutrient reference

    Healthy Shots, for a Healthy Lifestyle
    • full of vitamins
    • Organic wellness drink
    • complements a healthy lifestyle

    Country of origin: Denmark
    All of the organic shots are vegan and have been pasteurized for longer shelf life. They should be enjoyed as a supplement to a balanced diet.

    MOQ: 12 bottles

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