Nestle Rolo 4 pack

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    Nestle Rolo Toffee, Chocolates

    Milk chocolate chocolates with a soft toffee filling


    Content: 4 rolls a 52 g = 40 chocolates in a bag

    each roll has 10 chocolates wrapped in a golden foil


    Description: Milk chocolate (sugar, cacao butter, skim milk powder, cacao mass, clarified butter, emulgator (EE322 from soja, E476), aroma), glucose-fructose-syrup, sugar, sugared condensed skim milk, vegetable fat, salt, aroma.


    Nutritional Information per 100 g:
    caloric value 2003 kJ/ 477 kcal
    fat: 20,4 g
    of this saturated fat acids: 11,7 g
    carbohydrates: 68,4 g
    of this sugar: 58,7 g
    egg white: 4,4 g
    salt: 0,3 g

    Storage note: protect from heat and moisture

    be on a rol(l)o
    For those who love caramel and additional chocolate Rolo is the right type of candy.

    Rolos are tasty and you get them delivered straight to your house door for a cheap price. :-)

    von KiLouGo am 2017-01-17
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