Knobber Hemp Cappuchino

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    Cappuccino (cacao, cacao and vanilla)

    Bio - nach EG-Ökoverordnung

    10er package = 10 * 100g

    Roasted grains of food hemp in different flavours. The full-featured knobber fun, that does not make thick. To knobber during the breaks, while watching TV or being with friends in a funny circle.

    Food hemp helps the healthy metabolism of all cells with its vital contents and strengthens the physical powers of resistence. Food hemp therefore belongs into a daily diet for vitality and well-being of every human.

    Place of origin: Europe (France, Belgium, Estonia, austria, Lithuania, Germany)

    Produced in Germany

    non-EU agricultur (sugar, cacao, vanilla)

    produced in Austria

    Ingredients: hemseeds* roasted, raw cane sugar*, cacao*, coffee*, vanilla* (contains caffein) *= from controlled organic cultivation

    nutritional information per 100g:
    energy value: 457Kcal/1899 KJ
    fat:23,7 g
    saturated fat acids 2,61
    unsaturated fat acids 3,47 g
    multiple unsaturated fat acids 15,5
    carbohydrates 30,8g
    of this sugar 30,8g
    egg white 17,6g
    salt 0,6g
    Content: 100g

    Content of the 10er package: 10 * 100g 


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