INSECT PROTEIN BAR wholifoods (Cocoa Orange, Apple Cinnamon, Salty Peanut Butter)

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    Insect Protein bar with insect protein. 

    3 different tastes of bars: Cocoa Orange, Apple Cinnamon, Salty Peanut Butter

    18% protein, source of magnesium, vitamin B12 and fibre. 

    The bar is made from organic cacao powder and has a fresh taste of citrus from natural orange aroma. The juicy dates and crunchy almonds give the perfect texture. Thanks to the insect protein the protein bars are also:


    The protein bar is a unique bar combining an impressive nutritional profile with all-natural and organic ingredients.

    Cocoa Orange: dates*, almonds*(22%), buffalo larvae flour(11%), cacao powder*, rice protein*, orange aroma*, salt. 

    11% buffalo worms might not sound like a lot but it corresponds to at least 500 worms in one bar! The powder is so nutrient-dense, that adding just a little but increases the nutritional profile substantially. 

    *The bar is certified 88% organic, since the buffalo worms cannot be certified yet due to lack of EU legislation. However, the buffalo worms have no pesticides or antibiotics and are as good as organic. 

    The bars are great before or after a work-out, as they keep you full for longer and the nutrients are great for your muscles and joints. 



    MOQ: 36 bars