hulled hempseeds, 1000 g

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    Hulled hempseeds
    Bio - nach EG-Ökoverordnung

    Uncooked vegetarian food - quality!

    The grains are carefully hulled by machine, so that the valuable hemp oil with its unsaturated fat acids and important egg white with all the essential amino acids survive.

    hulled food hemp refines not only muesli, bread, biscuits and other foods, but finds its place as decoration in salats, veggies oder sweet dishes.

    To preserve nice taste and nutritional value, please do not heat above 180 degress celsius.

    Origin hemp: Europe (France, Belgium, Estonia, Austria, Lithuania, Germany, China)

    Produced in Europe

    Content: hempseeds* hulled
    *= from controlled organic cultivation 

    Nutritional Information per 100g:
    energy: 638Kcal/2639 KJ
    fats: 55,7 g
    of this saturated fats: 3,18g
    monounsaturated fatty acids:8,22g
    polyunsaturated fatty acids:39,1g
    carbohydrates: 2,0g
    of this sugar: 2,0g
    dietary fiber: 4,3g
    egg white: 30g
    salt: 0,01/kg


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