hempseeds, 1000 g

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    hempseeds from controlled organic cultivation

    Bio - nach EG-Ökoverordnung

    Uncooked vegetarian food - quality!

    This seeds of the food hemp will enrich your kitchen.

    The hempseeds can be added whole or grounded to al lthe dishes, e.g. to muesli, bread, biscuits or burger or you can enjoy them as  knobber fun.

    Food hemp convinces through its valuable ingredients and completes a full-valed diet. food hemp supplies all the essential amino acids and its oil content consists up to 90% of unsaturated fat acids. The amount of the differentfat acids is in the exact right relation fo the human diet, although the gama linolene acid.

    Food hemp supports with its essential ingredients many functions of our bodies.

    For the coverage of the daily demand 30-40 g of food hempseeds are enough. Food hempseeds are best suitable for cooking, baking or sprout.

    Food hempseeds are with its nutty taste are pur enjoyment and health!

    Lightly roasted the hemseeds taste even nuttier. Hempseeds are basically free from gluten and therefore vegan

    But they could have some foreign matter ( like e.g. wheat grains)

    Please clean the seeds before consumption.

    Hempseeds have no intoxicating effect!

    Origin hemp: Europe (France, Belgium, Estonia, Austria, Germany)

    Produced in Germany

    Nutritional Information per 100g:
    energy: 456Kcal/1884KJ
    fats: 31,6 g
    of this saturated fats: 3,18g
    carbohydrates: 7,4g
    of this sugar: 6,65g
    dietary fiber: 30,6g
    egg white: 20,2g
    salt: 0,01/kg

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