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Hemp Fruit Bar

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24,99 € *
Content: 400 g

Base Price: 62,47 € / Kg
Packaging Unit: 10 items (4 Kg)
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    Bio - nach EG-Ökoverordnung

    10 bars 

    Hemp Fruit Bar is refined with hulled food hemp, that underlines its soft-fruity, delicate taste.

    For all, who want to enjoy a healthy power donor. Fruit bars are with seeable whole nuts and fruits and without any sugar additives. They are covered with oblates from organic wholemeal flour - therefore you get no sticky fingers!

    Fruit bars are a must for every sportsman, because natural fruit sugar gives fast energy and valuable egg white of the food hemp supports.

    Fruit bar with hulled hemp seeds

    produced in Germany

    Ingredients: Sultanas*, cocos flakes*, apricots*, hazel nuts*, orangeat*, figs*, hemp seeds* hulled, citron* (corn starch sirup), grain of sand concentrate*, ethereal oils* between wheat oblates*

    *= from controlled organic cultivation

    nutritional information per 100g:

    energy: 382Kcal/1599 KJ
    fat 14,3 g
    saturated fat acids 6,05
    carbohydrates 52,2g
    of this sugar 0,2g
    egg white 6,7g
    salt 0,3g

    Content (1bar): 40g

    Content (10 bars): 400g



    valuable bar
    the german package irritated me first, but than I read the description in english and decided to try this bar.
    It is enjoyable and a good choice for people who like to eat less, but want to have more value instead. ))
    von Tina am 2017-09-28
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