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Sweet Knobber Hemp

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25,99 € *
Content: 1 Kg

Base Price: 25,99 € / Kg
Packaging Unit: 10 items (10 Kg)
Delivery time: up to 3 days

    Campaignpriced with the golden price 2010 of the German Agricultural Corporation e.V (DLG).

    Sweet ( tasty candied and refined with cinnamon and bourbon-vanilla)

    Bio - nach EG-Ökoverordnung

    10 packages = 10 * 100g = 1000g


    Roasted grains of food hemp in different flavours. The full-featured knobber fun, that does not make thick. To knobber during the breaks, while watching TV or being with friends in a funny circle.

    Food hemp helps the healthy metabolism of all cells with its vital contents and strengthens the physical powers of resistence. Food hemp therefore belongs into a daily diet for vitality and well-being of every human.

    Place of origin: Europe (France, Belgium, Estonia, austria, Lithuania, Germany)

    Produced in Germany

    Ingredients: hemp seeds roasted*, raw cane sugar*, vanilla*, cinnamon*       * = from controlled organic cultivation

    nutritional information per 100g:

    energy: 457 Kcal/1899 KJ
    fat 23,7 g
    saturated fat acids 2,61
    simply unsaturated fat acids 3,47g
    multiple saturated fat acids 15,5
    carbohydrates 30,8g
    of this sugar 30,8g
    dietary fiber 24,9g
    egg white 17,6g
    salt 0,6g

    Content: 100g

    10 packages = 1000g

    einfach lecker
    Mir hat der süße Knaberhanf sehr gut geschmeckt, gern empfehel ich es weiter. Wir hoffen auf eine Legalisierung und dass wir bald beim Knabbern high werden dürfen.
    von Fabio am 2017-09-28
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