Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

What is CSR?

"The responsibility of companies for their impact on society" and there for on individuals as well.

Any action that helps the community, society and environment can make a difference.

What is Confectix doing to help the community, society and environment?


1. Confectix engages in social issues with slogans and texts like: "Hemp against Hate" or "Hemp against Violence"


Question: why is important for an individual and society to be less hatefull or violent?

Answer: Hate is the reason for many social issues and problems. Violence grows out of hate and is one of the biggest social issues. Consumption of hemp products reduces violence levels in individuals and impacts individuals, families and the society in positive peaceful ways.

2. Confectix promotes a positive holistic worldview


Question: Why is it important that society has a choice to have a holistic worldview?

Answer: A person with a holistic worldview is less fearfull and can impact the society and the world in positive healthy ways. Confectix sows the seeds for such an impact on society and individuals through providing of a holistic worldview.

The worldview is crucial for a good experience. We experience reality always through using models of reality. That is why a holistic worldview is so important during consumption of products that are made of powerful plants like hemp, cannabis, etc.

3. Confectix gives people a possibility to change the world from within themselves through meditation.


Question: why is it impotant to perform V.I.T. human meditation technique?

Answer: Meditation enhances positive emotions, thoughts, outlook on life in general. V.I.T. Human meditation is a technique that helps to transform the inner worldview to a holistic one and heal emotionally from enforced political division on emotional level, emotional discrimination, etc.

V.I.T. Human meditation goes beyond diversity management, but is although an important key to support diversity management. It is an important component on the way to living in a global human village.

Through V.I.T. human meditation the culture can be triggered from centered point of view and moved to a inter-cultural cooperation point of view on the human level.

Individuals, groups, corporations, organisations can use human meditation technique provided by Confectix in combination with hemp foods& beverages to encourage peaceful rich cultural diversity in the global human village.

People that perform V.I.T. human meditation technique regularly create less societical problems and are less victims to problems that are connected to hate of other human subgroups, cultures and its individuals. Hostility and violence that is spread through the worldview of enmity and division to human subgroups is reduced.

Self-love and self-acceptance as a human being in a bigger holistic cotext is supported.

Culturally diversed groups that perform V.I.T. human meditation technique together can achieve greater results at work and have a positive impact on society through adding the human component to their work places and private lives. A higher levels of happiness are achieved, that lead to a richer society.

Meditation is the sow for a peaceful society. V.I.T. Human meditation is the key to a holistic worldview in the age of divinding political events that throw us off our biological center.


4. Confectix promotes with different campaigns and posts on Facebook (Confectix on Facebook) the full legalisation of the powerplant hemp & cannabis.


Question: Why is legalisation of hemp and cannabis in Europe so important?

Answer: Hemp and Cannabis is a holy plant and very important for the planet earth and the healing of the planet earth, humans and animals.

Hemp can replace many harmful toxic techniques and materials (that are still used nowadays) and can provide healthy sustainable solutions for products like:
foods, paper products, moulded plastics, textiles, body care products, construction, animal feed, animal bedding, nutritional supplements, essential oils, medicines, etc.

In the age of global warming and hot house effect hemp and cannabis provides one of the best solutions for sustainability. We could heal the earth and humans with help of hemp, cannabis.

Cannabis can be used in many recreational and medicinal ways: psychedelic experiences, cure of several serious diseases (diff. cancer types, etc.)