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'Cannafreeze' Soft Drink with Hemp Flavour

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      Other: PU 10x1Stripe a 40ml in a Display
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    The 'cannafreeze' water ice is an ideal thirst quencher and tastes deliciously sweet and tart due to the aroma of hemp. A slightly lemony-fresh note completes the taste and provides a sparkling refreshment. It is 100% THC-free and therefore 100% legal but with 100% flavour.

    Additional to the hemp aroma, the ice contains the following ingredients: water, sugar, colouring concentrates from safflower, apple, lemon, dye brilliant blue FCF and as stabilizer locust bean gum. 1 water ice (40ml) contains 5.2g of carbohydrates (sugar) and has 20kcal (83.68kJ).
    Hemp Cannabis Weed 
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