200 g (50) (Xugar) Xucker-Sticks with finnish xylit in Z-click-box

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    200 g (50x 4g) (Xugar) Xucker-Sticks with finnish  xylit in Z-click-box

    sweetener based on erythrit

    for foods, limited usage, 100% without genetic engineering, vegan.

    Weight: 200 g

    Description: 200 g Xucker premium-Sticks (50x 4 g = 200 g) with Xylit from EU box. This Xylit is made out of wood.

    To use like sugar (1:1)

    • for calorie reduced sweetening of foods and beverages
    • helps to retention the dental mineralisation
    • very low glycaemic index (7-13)
    • fine-grained and good solvent
    • conserves as sugar

    Applications: Xucker premium is good solvable in warm and cold foods and beverages. With Xucker premiumyou can bake cakes and cookies, jams and produce ice cream. You can sweeten sauces or make syrup. Xucker premium conserves the same as sugar.

    Nutritional Information per 100 g:

    energy  0 kJ / 0 kcal
    fats  0g
    of this saturated fats  0g
    carbohydrates  100g
    of this sugar  0g
    of this multi-valued alcohols  100g
    egg white  0g
    salt  0g
    Notice: excessive consumption may produce laxative effects
    Keep away from dogs!
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