Bild 1 von 1 kg Xucker light / european erythrit in a box

1 kg Xucker light / european erythrit in a box

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    1 kg-box Xucker light (Erythrit)

    Xucker light – sweeten without calories with the original

    sweetener based on erythrit

    for foods, limited usage, 100% without genetic engineering, vegan


    Packaging: Xucker light-box (1 kg) is made of paper to 95 %.

    Versandgewicht: 1,3 kg

    Beschreibung: 1 kg Xucker light (Erythrit). Erythrit is a practical calorie free, natural and friendly to teeth sugar substitute. Xucker light is ideal for sweetening your foods if you have a Low Carb-Diet.

    Suitable for diabetic because of its blood glucose neutrality.
    Legal in the USA and the EU as foods.

    Applications: best suitable as sugar substitue for drinks and desserts.

    Ingredients: sweetener: erythrit

    allergen: no

    Nutritional Information per 100 g:

    energy  0 kJ / 0 kcal
    fats  0g
    of this saturated fats  0g
    carbohydrates  100g
    of this sugar  0g
    of this multi-valued alcohols  100g
    egg white  0g
    salt  0g
    Notice: excessive consumption may produce laxative effects
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