hemp seeds, 250 g

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    whole hemp seeds from certified EU-cultivation

    lactose and glutenfree!

    As hemp seeds you can name a "fruit" of the plant, although called "hemp nuts". They are 3 to 4 millimeter big, brown to green grey colour and weight 15 to 20 grams. They contain 28 to 35% fat, 30 to 35% carbohydrates, 20 to 24% proteins and vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, calium and iron. They have especially high shares on vitamin B, especially B1 and vitamin B2. The proteins mainly consist of globulin edestin, that is easily digested.

    Furthermore the seeds contain 8 for the human body essential amino acids. Hemp seeds are excellently workable as protein source hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are applied as protein source for the humans. Hemp seeds are applied without further processing as foods, but they although serve as basis for extraction of the hemp oil and as valuable animal feed for birds, but although for fish and mammals. 

    They have no intoxicating effect, because they are won from THC-poor hemp strains.

    During the last years hemp seeds became popular as foods. It is possible to roast the hemp seeds.


    sehr gute Qualität
    Natürlich haben die Hanfsamen eine dicke Schale. Wer geschälte kaufen möchte, kann dies natürlich tun, aber diese haben dann auch andere Nährwerte.
    Ich verwende die Hanfsamen ausschließlich in Brotteig - gemischt mit Leinsamen und Sonnenblumenkernen - in nicht allzu großer Menge. Dafür sind sie bestens geeignet. Obwohl sie pur nicht gut schmecken, sollten man sie durchaus kauen können; wirklich hart sind sie überhaupt nicht, nur sehr fasrig.
    von Robert D am 2017-09-30
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